Huber Officer Contact Information:
Phone: 715-468-4720
Fax: 715-468-4729


If you were sentenced to serve a jail sentence at the Washburn County Jail and are currently employed or enrolled in a qualifying school you will be allowed to continue your employment or schooling if you meet the Huber Law and the Washburn County Jail’s requirements.

We want to enable all eligible inmates the ability to utilize their Huber privilege. Due to the strict requirements and large amount of paperwork required, we suggest all future inmates contact a Huber Officer with any questions and set-up a time to stop and pick-up a Huber Packet prior to coming to serve their sentence. Please click on the link below to view and print Huber paperwork. The Huber paperwork will provide you all the details. The Huber Officer contact information is listed above.

If you were convicted and sentenced with Huber privileges from another county you may be able to serve your sentence in Washburn County as a Huber Transfer. Again there are strict requirements for this and a large amount of paperwork involved. Please click on the link below to view and print the Huber Transfer paperwork. You may also contact a Huber Officer with any questions about this process.


Huber Forms